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What are the characteristics of color coated magnesium aluminium zinc steel coil?
Answer:During the production process, we should pay attention to the T bend , hardness , color difference , scratch resistance and other requirements, beyond that we need to pay more attention to its corrosion resistance and weather resistance .As the market color coated steel coil generally exists double -saded coating  is low , it has no anti-corrosion effect on the surface of the steel coil. Low zinc coating must has a short life, will cause great loss to users when used in engineering projects , in order to let the general user get valuable and affordable steel coil we suggest to use magnesium aluminium zinc steel coil coated by high quality coating and with certain  coating thickness. Because the color tile in the process of suppression will be cut off , so the end face rust prevention is very important.magnesium aluminium zinc steel coil not only has high corrosion resistance, but also has a unique anti-corrosion mechanism for cutting end face and welding end.When cutting end face and welding end bare, peripheral special plating components melt out of the formation of hydrogen with zinc oxide, zinc(OH)₂), alkaline zinc chloride (ZnCl₂.4 zinc(OH)₂. H₂O) and magnesium hydroxide (Mg(OH)₂), and other ingredients, the density of the some ingredients form protective film cutting face, in a certain period of time.  the protection film conductivity is extremely low, has played a very good inhibitory effect of corrosion of the end face.

What are the characteristics of magnesium aluminum zinc plate?
Answer:Magnesium aluminum zinc plate is the leading technology developed by famous international steel enterprises in recent years. In particular, ArcelorMittal, the largest steel enterprise in the world, has promoted its research and development achievements to the fields of automobile special plates, home appliances and so on. The corrosion resistance of magnesium aluminum zinc plating is mainly reflected in the formation of a variety of complex metallic phase Zn-MgZn₂ binary eutectic and Zn-Ai-MgZn₂ ternary eutectic in the high temperature melting bath. The eutectic grains are fine with nano characteristics, which effectively block the penetration of external atoms into the coating interior, enhance the adhesion between the coating and the substrate, and play a good role in corrosion prevention.At the same time, there are many active magnesium elements in the plating solution. When the microstructure of the plate coating solidifies, it reacts with oxygen in the air to form a magnesium-containing oxide layer. This oxide layer can remain stable in the long-term corrosive environment and improve the corrosion resistance of the product.Magnesium aluminum zinc plating also has the self-repairing function of cutting end face and welding end, which can well inhibit the corrosion of the exposed part.

What is the standard of zinc coating for color coated steel plate base material ?
Answer:1. Galvanized base material: according to the national standard for the production of color coating galvanized base material zinc coating thickness of the minimum standard of 180 grams, 280 grams of high standard, the base material quality according to customer use.
2. Aluminized zinc base material: according to the national standard for the production of color coating aluminized zinc base material aluminized zinc coating thickness minimum standard is 100 grams.
3. Magnesium aluminum zinc base material: according to the test data of the National Building Materials Testing Center, the same zinc coating thickness of high magnesium aluminum zinc corrosion resistance 10 times that of zinc. Therefore, the use of more than 50 grams of high magnesium aluminum zinc corrosion resistance is better than 180 grams of zinc and 100 grams of aluminum zinc plating, and more economic.

What are the cautions for the use of color coated steel plate?
Answer:Purification plate: flat surface, no scratches, sickle bend is not greater than 0.2% of the length of the steel plate, the color difference △E≤0.3.
Deep drawing plate: yield strength 140~260MPa、tensile strength 270~320MPa、elongation A80≥32, T bend ≤1T, scratch + cup process adhesion level 0, solvent wipe resistance ≥200 times.
Coil use for pipe plate: when coiling plate, it is easy to produce the phenomenon of Luddus belt. By eliminating the influence of the yielding platform to destroy the air mass, it completely eliminates the rounding problem.
Building materials plate: in addition to the choice of using high-grade anti-aging paint, color steel surface scratch resistance to ≥2400, pencil hardness 2H, T bend ≤3T is better.

What is the status of color coated steel plate in Europe?
Answer:European construction of large steel structures, houses and other aspects are using light color steel structure, novel design, shape generous, unique style. After nearly more than 20 European countries have not seen the color steel structure has faded, pulverization, rust and so on, shows that European enterprises adhere to quality, adhere to standards, customer-centered to achieve the long-term development of enterprises, this concept is worth our people to learn.

What are the root causes of the problem?
Answer:1. Paint quality: the purpose of scientific and technological progress is to promote the improvement of productivity, quality improvement, happiness index improvement. But some coating enterprises in order to improve the competitiveness of the scientific research direction on cost reduction and efficiency, with ultra-low cost of raw materials to replace, the production of resin synthetic coating, is the source of rapid fading, pulverization.
2. Corrosion resistance layer quality: according to the national standard color coated substrate galvanized layer should be 180 grams minimum, but now the general substrate coating thickness is only 8-12 grams, the corrosion resistance of the plate has not played a substantial role. Presume to be responsible for the production of enterprises should resist the production of this inferior alternative, low zinc layer color steel, do conscience products, do moral products.

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