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- Product introduction
"Gangzheng" Prepainted Galvanized Steel Coil is produced based on high-quality galvanized steel coil, it adopts advanced intelligent control equipment for full closed-loop operation to ensure the flatness of the coil’s shape and the uniform coating, it adopts RTO incineration and Japanese zeolite runner device to realize the comprehensive and effective treatment of organized and unorganized waste gas. We select the excellent paint brand and optimize the process to ensure the weatherability of our coils."Gangzheng" prepainted galvanized steel coil has the mechanical strength of steel as well as good flexibility, decoration, formability, It can keep the bright color for a long time, it is the ideal composite material in the fields of architecture, home appliances, transportation, decoration, refrigeration, purification, etc.
- Execution standard
- Supply specifications

Thickness range


Width range


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- Main technical specifications


sea blue, white grey, crimson, bean green, ivory, etc

Painting option

polyester, PVDF, silicon modification

Main technical indicators

paint thickness10-45μm

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