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- Product introduction
Gangzheng" Magnesium-Aluminium-Zinc coated steel coil uses cold-rolled steel coils as the base material, using the United States steel process technology, after electrolysis, degreasing and surface treatment, continuous annealing, reduction and other processes, dipped into a melting pot containing with magnesium, aluminum, zinc and other elements, adjust the air pressure of special gas by air knife in order to control the thickness of layer, after skin passed, horizontal straightening, passivation or anti-finger treatment, a coil is made. We use the current international advanced automatic and intelligent control production line, Intelligent control is realized for all key parts, the content ratio of mg, Al, Zn alloy and other trace elements are controlled in the whole process to ensure the good corrosion resistance and processing applicability, Our coils are widely used in photovoltaic, construction, agriculture and livestock, transportation, electric power, automobile, electromechanical, refrigeration and other industries, It has a certain degree of corrosion resistance to the areas with high PH.
- Execution standard
EN10346 DX51D+MAZ
- Supply specifications

thickness range


width range

700mm ~ 1300mm

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- Main technical specifications

Inner diameter

φ508mm or φ610mm

Coil weight

maximum 25MT

Tensile strength


Zinc Coating


Machine speed




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