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What are the characteristics of color coated magnesium aluminium zinc steel coil?

During the production process, we should pay attention to the T bend , hardness , color difference , scratch resistance and other requirements, beyond that we need to pay more attention to its corrosion resistance and weather resistance .As the market color coated steel coil generally exists double -saded coating  is low , it has no anti-corrosion effect on the surface of the steel coil. Low zinc coating must has a short life, will cause great loss to users when used in engineering projects , in order to let the general user get valuable and affordable steel coil we suggest to use magnesium aluminium zinc steel coil coated by high quality coating and with certain  coating thickness. Because the color tile in the process of suppression will be cut off , so the end face rust prevention is very important.magnesium aluminium zinc steel coil not only has high corrosion resistance, but also has a unique anti-corrosion mechanism for cutting end face and welding end.When cutting end face and welding end bare, peripheral special plating components melt out of the formation of hydrogen with zinc oxide, zinc(OH)₂), alkaline zinc chloride (ZnCl₂.4 zinc(OH)₂. H₂O) and magnesium hydroxide (Mg(OH)₂), and other ingredients, the density of the some ingredients form protective film cutting face, in a certain period of time.  the protection film conductivity is extremely low, has played a very good inhibitory effect of corrosion of the end face.

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