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Development history


In 2003 Glory company was established;

In June 2003 the first PPGI production line put into production.


In 2004 Pass ISO9001:2000 quality system authentication;

In 2004 Get Nantong Silver Association “The Best Credit Enterprise".


In 2005 Get Nantong"AAA Attention Contract, Trustworthy Enterprise”;

In 2005 was awarded"Four-star Enterprise"by county government.


In 2006 Enterprise credit " AAA Level", "Jiangsu Province Quality Credit Products";

In 2006 was awarded Nantong industrial top 50;

2006 High precision cold rolling line, which can product 200,000MT

per year was put into production;


In 2007 The first GI line which can product 150,000MT per year was put into production;

In 2007 was awarded "Jiangsu Attention Contract, Trustworthy Enterprise";

In 2007 The second PPGI line which can product 100,000MT per year was put into production;

In 2007 was awarded “Jiangsu High and New Technology Enterprise”.


In 2008 PPGI line No. 1 was improved to the capacity 100,000MT;

In 2008 was awarded"Worker Pioneer"by All China Federation of Trade Unions;

In 2008 was awarded Jiangsu Brand Products".


In 2009 Liu Yunhua was awarded"The national iron and steel model worker”;

In 2009 Liu Yunhua was awarded"Nantong three famous characters”;

In 2009 was awarded "Nantong quality model enterprise";

In 2009 the third PPGI line was put into production;

In 2009 get six kinds of patents.


In 2010 get"Nantong Industry and Commerce top 10";

In 2010 was awarded"fve-star Enterprise"by county government;

In 2010 get "Jiangsu Famous Trademark".


In 2011 get eleven kinds of patents;

In 2011 was awarded"five-star Enterprise"by county government;

In 2011 increase 333, 335 square meters, start Gangzheng second project.


In 2012 get"China well-known Trademark";

In 2012 get national"Attention Contract, Trustworthy Enterprise".


In 2013 recognized as"Grade AAA Enterprise in Jiangsu for Excellent Quality and Credit";

In 2013 recognized as "Enterprise Implementing Credit Management Standards in Jiangsu";

In 2013 recognized as"Pilot Enterprise in Integrating Informationization and Industrialization in Jiangsu".


In 2014 recognized as"First One Hundred Enterprises for Good Faith in Nantong";

In 2014 recognized as"Civilized Unit in Nantong";

In 2014 recognized as"Grade AAA Enterprise for Good Faith and

Conformity with Laws in Rudong County".


In 2015 recognized as "Demonstration Unit in Implementing the System of Workers and Staff Congress";

In 2015 recognized as "Model Staff's Home in Jiangsu";

In 2015 Liu yunhua obtains nantong city "3 create" character.


In 2016 recognized as"Pilot Enterprise for Demonstration Projects of Innovation and Integration of Internet and Industry in Jiangsu";

Recognized as" Demonstration Intelligent Workshop in Nantong city";

Recognized as"Work-Related Injury Prevention Demonstration Unit in Nantong";

In 2016 the first Al-Zn galvanized silicon production line was put into operation.


In 2017 recognized as" Demonstration Intelligent Workshop in Jiangsu province";

In 2017 Liu yunhua was named "The most beautiful man in Rudong";

In 2017 Obtained 1 invention patent.


In 2018 Obtained 15 patents;

In 2018 The new product Magnesium-aluminum-zinc coated color steel sheet has been developed successfully;

In 2018 Liu yunhua was named"Technology entrepreneur of jiangsu province".


Won the "Golden bull Award for 40 years of reform and opening up";

Recognized as "secondary enterprise of safety production standardization";

Won the first "most caring charity star" in Rudong County;

Yunhua Liu won the first "most caring philanthropist" award in Rudong County.


"Preparation method of strong corrosion resistant magnesium aluminum zinc coated steel coil" won invention patent;

It has been rated as "an international famous brand cultivated and developed in Jiangsu Province" by the Provincial Department of Commerce

"Top ten high growth private enterprises in Nantong";

Printing coated household appliance board production line put into operation.


Won "Nantong civilized unit in 2019-2020";

Won "Rudong May Day Labor Award";

Won "The most caring donor of the second Rudong Charity".


Won "Rudong County Advanced Grassroots Party Organization".

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