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Chairman Speech

  • National model of steel industry;
  • Entrepreneur ship Award-jiangsu provice;
  • Science and technology entrepreneur in jiangsu province;
  • Three outstading “Famous Citizen Nantong”;
  • Figures outstanding in entrepreneurship, innovation and excellence creation;
  • Top 10 Labor Model-Nantong;
  • Donator; Prize of “International Labor”;
  • Better-performing commy: Representative of  CPC;
  • Senior Economist; General Manager of Nantong Glory.

Success depends on actions!

Nantong glory absorbs talents richly in the steel industry and integrates technology and operating Resources to lever up the capability. it is undoubtedly to build up leading enterprise to actualize the rocket growth, by a unifed market-oriented tram. We make ourselves accountable to promote quality product, and refine the values to customers, nevertheless we are still improving.

The importance of keeping encourages and persistence against this competitive environment has been highlighted In the coming developing platform, the leaderships would continue to broaden strategy plan and strengthen innovation mindset.

Therefore our visions are being approached-be top steel company with world class branding: be always excellent. Of course you would Afterwards recognize us informationalized, modernized and internationalized With the mission of making "Glory"color steel plate as famous as the bricks of the Qin dynasty and the tiles of the Han dynasty.

Gangzheng Steel Sheet Science and Technology Co, Ltd and Nantong Glory Color Steel Plate Co Ltd, welcome you to join us in creating glory.


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