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What matter should pay attention to In the transportation, storage, unloading and use of color coated steel coil?

Vehicles should be cleaned, with corresponding protective rubber pad, straw pad or special v-block. At the same time, it is necessary to avoid direct contact between baling and other objects, such as structural parts. Special crane should be used in transportation and hoisting.<br />
Storage should pay attention to ventilation, moisture-proof, acid-proof, alkali-proof, prevent open storage, storage site should be flat, no hard objects and have enough bearing capacity, avoid multi-layer stacking storage and product has been subjected to a large external force, handling should be careful to handle, to prevent collision, fall lead to deformation or damage.<br />
Color coated steel coil surface to avoid metal file cuttings, drilling cuttings, cuttings and other metal objects such as rivets and fasteners and other long-term residues, because metal residues by erosion will cause rust spots affect the beauty of color plate, and even destroy the paint film, it is recommended to clean up after the construction.<br />
According to the design requirements to choose products, the same project as far as possible to choose the same manufacturer, the same batch of products, to avoid color and quality.<br />
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