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The difference between PVDF paint steel coil and nomal paint steel coil

PVDF paint steel coil is made of polyvinylidene fluoride fluorocarbon coating. Fluorocarbon is a general name of fluorine-containing resin as the main film-forming substance. Its main characteristic is that the resin contains a large number of f-c bonds, with bond energy of 485KJ/mol, which is the first among all chemical bonds. Under the action of heat and ultraviolet light, f-c bond is hard to break, so it can show its ultra-long weather resistance and corrosion resistance, and its weatherability, chemical resistance and other properties are better than polyurethane, organosilicone, acrylate, etc.<br />
PVDF paint has been widely used in the fields of architecture, chemistry, electrical electronics, machinery, aviation, aerospace, household products, a large number of examples and Florida exposure test proved that the high-quality PVDF color coated steel coil after more than 30 years, coating without any major color changes, and corrosion resistance is better.<br />
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