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What matters should notice when the protective film of home appliance color coat steel coil is used?

The first is the temperature, the adhesive strength of the protective film has a certain dependence on the temperature, should be exfoliated in the temperature of 20-25 degrees.
During the peeling of the protective film, please note that slight static electricity may be generated due to the influence of the surrounding air dryness.
When the protective film sticks for a long time, it may not peel off or change color, especially in direct sunlight or ultraviolet light, or when the ambient temperature is 40 degrees, special attention should be paid.
Finally, after peeling off the protective film, the surface gloss will occasionally increase slightly, but this phenomenon will disappear with the extension of time or a little heating.
If the household appliances color coated steel coil accumulation, loading or storage, and the bureau for a long time to exert pressure, the protective film may occur black, white or peeling color board surface luster uneven situation, but with the extension of time or color coated steel coil heating this phenomenon will disappear.

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