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Weekly review of coated steel industry (December 13th-20th, 2019)

Weekly market overview

This week, China's coating market is generally strong, the range is 20-70 yuan/ton. According to the feedback of traders in East China market, the shortage of local resources has not been fully alleviated at this stage, and the arrival volume is temporarily more than half, However, the strength of Northwood's going down to the South has not been weakened due to the transportation obstruction, and the market transaction atmosphere has not improved significantly, Traders are still cautious about future operations. In South China market, the downstream market is cautious and not active, the market trading atmosphere is not ideal, and businesses are more wait-and-see to the future market. It is understood in the North China market that the trading volume of the medium-sized enterprises with the original trading volume of about 200 tons is 80-100 tons in recent days, and the shipping situation of the traders is not as good as before, The terminal is basically purchased on demand, the market demand is relatively weak, and the expectation of the business is pessimistic. Wuhan market in Central China is under the pressure of daily shipment, Big business only has two or three days of turnover over 700 tons, the rest of the time is only about 400 tons. According to the latest data this week, the social inventory of zinc plating in Wuhan market is 11000 tons, Since November, the volume of hundreds of tons per week has declined slightly. Towards the end of the year, traders will not have too much resources in their hands, but will still focus on shipping.
Next week forecast

For next week's market, on the one hand, this week's small note data shows that after last week's inventory dropped 100000 tons, After that, this week, the bank accumulated again, with a total increase of 76000 tons and a decrease of 145500 tons in total output. The output decreased, and the bank accumulated faster, reflecting the current shrinking demand; On the other hand, under the influence of the off-season effect, the market supply expectation is also weak, and businesses tend to hold a bearish attitude towards the future market; In addition, the shortage of raw materials has supported the market. Comprehensive consideration, the market price of plating is expected to fluctuate next week.
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