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"Welcoming the 20th CPC National Congress and making contributions to the new era" celebrates the "July 1st" series of activities


On the afternoon of June 27, a series of activities were organized to celebrate the "July 1st" with the theme of "welcoming the 20th CPC National Congress and making contributions to the new era", Recalling the glorious history of the party and remembering its great achievements, Inspire the majority of Party members and cadres to deeply cultivate the feelings of loving the party, patriotism and socialism, strengthen their faith, never forget their original intentions, keep their mission firmly in mind, and forge ahead with full spirit on the new journey. All Party members, activists and department heads attended the meeting.


The meeting was presided over by zhaofeng, Yu, the organization member of the general branch of the company. She said that the 101 year since the founding of the party was a great process of stormy, unswerving and unremitting struggle, and a great process of pioneering and striving for victory. The prospect of the goal of "two hundred years" is promising, and the Chinese dream of national rejuvenation is at dawn. Today, all our party members and activists who joined the party gathered together to review the history of the party, recall our original intentions, feel the kindness of the party, temper the party spirit, stimulate morale, further improve the cohesion and combat effectiveness of the party organization, and encourage all Party members and cadres of the company to give full play to their pioneering and exemplary role, inspire their spirit, explore and innovate, and shoulder heavy responsibilities.

The meeting held an oath ceremony for new party members to join the party. Wei Ding, a new Party member, made a solemn oath to the party in the face of the bright red party flag and made a statement.


The meeting commended four outstanding Party members. kungen  Zhou, deputy secretary of the general branch, read out the "commendation decision", Yunhua Liu, Secretary of the general branch, issued honorary certificates and bonuses, and zhoubiao Yu and Haidong Zhu, outstanding representatives, successively exchanged speeches at the meeting. They said in their speech: this honor is the trust and encouragement of the party organization and comrades to me. I will take this as a starting point, be more strict with myself in my future work, always keep the party's teachings in mind, redouble my efforts, continue to study, and further improve my ideological and political awareness and professional level; It is worthy of the title of excellent Party member to be fearless of difficulties, always keep advanced, and meet new challenges in work with fuller enthusiasm. Worthy of the title of excellent Party member.



All the staff watched the micro video "joining the party". From the video, we can see that the old party members are dedicated to the revolution and loyal to the party. Their firm faith makes us respect.


Four Party members told the story of themselves and the introducers of joining the party affectionately. Let the party members and comrades present cannot help thinking of the scene when they joined the party and revisit their original intention and mission when they joined the party.A party member is like a flag, and a party member is like a light. Their stories fully reflect that the introducer of joining the party is an important ideological guide in life and my good teacher and friend. You use your actions to show the original mission and political nature of Party members, You led me with practical actions and made me truly realize the greatness of the party organization and the responsibilities and responsibilities of Party members; Thank you for training and developing me to join this glorious team.


Yunhua Liu, Secretary of the general Party branch, gave us a lively party lesson. He shared with the participants the important speech of General Secretary Jinping Xi on accelerating the construction of a strong country in science and technology and achieving high-level self-reliance in science and technology. 

General Secretary Xi proposed at the meeting of the two academies: 1. strengthen the original and leading scientific and technological research, and resolutely win the battle of key core technologies; 2. Strengthen the national strategic scientific and technological force and improve the overall efficiency of the national innovation system; 3. Promote the reform of the scientific and technological system and form a basic system to support comprehensive innovation; 4. Build an open and innovative ecosystem and participate in global science and technology governance; 5. Stimulate the innovative vitality of all kinds of talents and build a global talent highland. He pointed out that innovation doesn't ask about origin, and heroes don't care where they come from. We should reform the way major scientific and technological projects are approved and organized and managed, and implement systems such as "taking the lead in unveiling the list" and "horse racing", His guiding ideology can not only promote the rapid progress of science and technology in China, but also inspire our enterprises to attach great importance to technological research and development, technological innovation, and constantly promote the technological progress of enterprises. This party lesson encouraged us and pointed out the direction for the future development of the enterprise.


After the meeting, all Party members and activists who joined the Party expressed that they would make outstanding achievements with practical actions to welcome the victory of the 20th CPC National Congress.


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