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Be grateful to have you on the way to prevent "epidemic"


On the morning of April 24, Yunhua Liu, the CEO of Jiangsu gangzheng Steel Sheet Science and Technology Co., Ltd., and his entourage came to Juegang sub district office with sympathy materials and personally handed over the banner to Director Yifeng, Zhu.

Mr. Liu said that under the epidemic prevention and control, in order to ensure the economic operation, the county Party committee, the county government and the sub district office government have done a lot of work, especially the front-line personnel of the government implemented closed-loop control for vehicles, guided work and handled relevant procedures late into the night, which deeply moved us. For each qualified vehicle, it can help the enterprise use it effectively and ensure the basic operation of the enterprise at the present stage, The work and pressure here can be understood without words. Here we pay tribute to you!

Mr Liu’s words greatly encouraged the staff of the Economic Development Bureau. Everyone said that the epidemic prevention is still in progress and will fully cooperate with the neighborhood offices to serve enterprises, ensure smooth economic operation and contribute to the epidemic prevention and control work in Rudong.

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