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Start a new journey, Compose a new chapter

At 9:00 a.m. on February 8, the company held the 2020 general staff meeting in the conference room on the fourth floor. General manager Shaohua Chen presided over the meeting, and Chairman Yunhua Liu attended and spoke at the meeting.

The meeting commended 44 advanced workers in 2020 and issued honorary certificates. Two represent atives and four department heads made statements in turn. The deputy general manager and the heads of all departments signed the letter of responsibility and submitted the safety responsibility certificate. Finally, Mr. Liu made a summary speech of reviewing the past and looking forward to 2021. He pointed out that in 2020, with the joint efforts of the whole staff, the production and sales of domestic color coating will grow against the trend, and the orders for magnesium aluminum zinc coated steel coils in foreign trade will soar in the later period, which is a gratifying situation. In recent years, the quality and brand of the enterprise have been continuously improved, the cutting-edge technology has been continuously broken through, the equipment intelligence has been continuously promoted, and new products have been developed continuously, The water land transportation plant is smooth and corrosion-resistant, and the preparation method of magnesium aluminum zinc plating has won the national invention patent, The water land transportation plant is smooth and corrosion-resistant, and the preparation method of magnesium aluminum zinc coated steel coil has won the national invention patent,These factors boost the development of the enterprise. All employees should continue to work hard to consolidate the foundation and enhance the market competitiveness of the enterprise.
2021 is the first year of the 14th five year plan, and it is also a year for enterprises to usher in great development. In recent years, based on the application of new technologies, the operation of new equipment and the launch of new products, he is full of confidence in the future of the enterprise. At the meeting, he made a good mobilization for the new year to seize the opportunity and work fast.The tasks of the new year are arranged from 9 aspects, and the guiding ideology, working methods and target nodes of 11 aspects are put forward. Many favorable factors and constructive plans have been put forward to greatly improve the economic targets and tasks in the new year, which has further enhanced the confidence of the whole staff and injected spiritual power into the success of the 14th five year plan. He pointed out that while increasing basic investment, promoting equipment upgrading, promoting enterprise standardization, and speeding up technology research and development, we should further optimize the human resource structure, greatly increase the income of employees, and promote the high-quality development of enterprises.

Finally, Mr. Liu hopes that all staff will start a new journey and write a new chapter of brilliant career with full enthusiasm, high morale and a new look.

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