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Cold weather but warm love

January 10, 2021 is the third day of the winter of March 9, and it is also the busiest time for enterprise leaders in the middle of the year, However, Yunhua Liu, chairman of the board of directors of the company, did not forget to help the poor. At 9 a.m., he and director Zhaofeng Yu went to shaiyanchang village, zuegang street, Accompanied by the village party secretary, he came to huidelan's home again and brought gifts and consolation money, which brought warmth to the poor families in the cold winter.

The phenomenon of poverty caused by illness is not the only one of Hui's families. However, with the care and support of the party, the government and all walks of life, they not only have a secure life, but also are full of hope for the future. Old Hui's family is a typical example. The government not only solved the problem of minimum living allowance for her family, but also helped her family transform their house, which guaranteed their normal life. The village Party branch secretary introduced that his granddaughter had been in junior high school, the school was very concerned about her, and the child was excellent in both character and learning at school. Mr. Liu asked about the health status of his family with concern. He encouraged her to overcome the current difficulties and study hard to repay the government and the family with their outstanding achievements in the future. The child nodded silently, and grandma Hui looked at her granddaughter kindly, looking forward to a better future.

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