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- Product introduction
"Gangzheng" Printed decorative steel coils is based on high-quality hot dipped galvanized steel coil, after degreasing, cleaning and passivation treatment of materials, coating with polymer organic resin paint film, after multicolor printing, an organic paint film is applied, then through many times of coating and curing, high-grade decorative steel coil is made."Gangzheng" Printed decorative steel coils has various beautiful colors, can be widely used in decoration, home appliances, furniture, doors and windows, signs, architecture and other fields, it is an ideal high-grade decorative plate.
- Execution standard
Q/320623ACQ 01--2019
- Supply specifications

Thickness range

0.15mm~ 1.50mm

Width range


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- Main technical specifications

Design and color

please refer to our samples for details

Painting option

polyester, PVDF, silicon modification

Main technical indicators

paint thickness10-45μm



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